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Drugs and Crime

More addicts were introduced to drugs by doctors than any other source.

Why does a gang...

-Desperation is the number one cause of violence.  Poverty is the number one cause of desperation.

-There are more bad jobs than "good" ones.  No politician ever talks about the bad jobs.  We can't keep leaving people behind.

-Heroin addicts started in the hospital or at the doctor's office.  Their prescriptions just ran out.

Image by NEXT Distro
Smoker with Baseball Cap

Pay more than a job?

-Meth users started with childhood prescriptions to Ritalin and Adderall.

-All research on successful drug policy shows that treatment should be increased, but what about the origins? 


-Our economic, education, and healthcare systems push people into lives of drugs and crime.  We need a new approach.

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