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Platform Shorts

Image by Bruno Kelzer

This is a "nutshell" list of policy priorities.  I want your participation when I'm in the House, and I want it now, too.  If you see something left out or in need of a change, contact me, and we'll talk about it.  When I'm in the House, I'll keep everyone in the district in the loop, and we'll take a vote on what OUR vote will be.

Ideas for Today with an Eye for Tomorrow.



-Incentive based expansion of renewables.

-Limit fossil fuel exports.

-Encourage new and emerging technology.



-Clean up the VA.  Having a desk is not the same as working.

-Bring VA coverage to the level of private insurance.

-Add multi-year cool downs to the discharge process for those with trouble readjusting.


Medical Choice

-Bring public health coverage to the level of private insurance.

-Expand Medicaid to cover home birth, natural medicines and abortions.

-Develop public option health insurance without corporate profit.



-Raise wages and tie them to the Consumer Price Index.

-Training and education for those who want it, good wages for those who don't.

-No worker left behind.


Gun Rights

-Protect the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms.

-Expand civilian marksmanship programs, firearms handling and safety education.

-Penalize gun crime, not gun ownership.



-Raise election transparency to avoid disputes.

-End winner-take-all systems in favor of proportional representation.

-Break the two-party hold on our government.

I support a ban on stock trading and maybe even ownership by members of Congress.  Insider trading in Congress is disgusting, and it should be illegal.  They need to work for US, not their portfolios.
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